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Welcome To Tight Dentures


Loose, Unattractive Dentures?


You've come to the right place!  We are so confident that you will LOVE your new "Lifelike" cosmetic dentures with mini-implants that...



OUR GUARANTEE:  If you are not absolutely ecstatic about the looks and comfort of your new cosmetic dentures and mini-implants, we will make the dentures over until you are happy or buy them back for what you paid for them.


No Hassles. The risk is ours, not yours!  No more getting stuck with ill-fitting dentures that you've been told to "Just get used to them."  None of that here.  Never get stuck with miserable fitting dentures again!


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"Lifelike Cosmetic Dentures

with Mini Implants"


We take your privacy seriously and

will never  share, sell, or rent your

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Cosmetic Denture Testimonials

"I have been very happy with my implants.  It’s wonderful to be able to eat things I haven’t been able to before, such as steak, corn and apples.  I feel much more confident than I did with dentures.  Dr. Abildness and his staff have treated me with patience and kindness.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Abildness to anyone interested in implants.”

- Lois F.

"The work done by you and your office staff has created a “new world” for my eating experience.  I have been able to eat virtually any food that comes to the table without problem. If you had known the problems I had in recent years, you would be in shock that I had waited so long to get dental treatment for my condition. At my age, 85, one doesn’t jump too hurriedly to get dental treatment after years of suffering with the thought that it was hopeless for me. Your efforts and that of your staff have proven to me that there is hope!”

- Albert K.


Dr. James Abildness | Call: 717-533-2800 | 32 Northeast Dr., Suite 202 | Hershey, PA 17033